Liquidity Event Planning

In orchestrating the sale of a business or significant asset for affluent families, our private wealth advisors assume the role of a quarterback. This role involves close collaboration with our team of accountants, estate planning attorneys, and bankers, forming a cohesive unit to navigate the complexities of the transaction. The team conducts a thorough analysis of the family's financial goals, delving into the intricacies of the business, and carefully considering valuation and potential tax implications.

As a central point of communication, our role extends beyond analysis to ensure reliable orchestration among all parties involved in the sale. Throughout the process, our proactive approach addresses challenges as they arise, with strategies adapted to maximize value and align with the family's long-term financial objectives. We firmly believe that by leveraging the collective expertise of professionals spanning various financial services, law, and tax areas, we can produce optimal outcomes for the families we serve.

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