Why Acropolis?

In the realm of financial services, a direct misalignment is prevalent, marked by concealed fees, misdirected cross-selling strategies, and obscured corporate affiliations. This misalignment appears to primarily serve the interests of financial institutions, often at the expense of the families they are presumed to serve. In stark contrast to this industry norm, our unwavering commitment is dedicated solely to our clients, emphasizing that our allegiance lies with them rather than any corporation, brand, or shareholders. We firmly position ourselves alongside our clients, ensuring transparency and mutual benefit by sitting on the same side of the table with them, fostering trust and genuine collaboration.

A multi-family office (MFO) stands out as an advisory firm tailored to cater to the financial needs and interests of an exclusive and select group of wealthy families. This distinctive approach sets MFOs apart from traditional wealth management firms, which typically target a broad client base. The core philosophy of MFOs revolves around providing highly personalized and comprehensive services to a limited number of affluent families, acknowledging the unique financial intricacies and aspirations that each family encompasses. This commitment to exclusivity ensures that the services offered are not diluted but instead crafted to meet the specific and sophisticated requirements of each family with whom we work.

Here at Acropolis, we globally serve a principal group of wealthy families, providing bespoke solutions for each family’s personalized needs in estate planning, tax filing, private banking, and investment strategy. Our approach ensures precision and expertise when navigating this elaborate landscape of our clients' financial portfolios, aligning seamlessly with their individual goals and aspirations. 

Who We Work With

Business Owners

Families considering a business or significant asset sale have various avenues to improve their financial standing. No matter where you and your business stand in this journey, our team will guide you through comprehensive strategies covering estate and trust management, tax deferral and optimization, as well as retirement and next-gen planning.

Legacy Wealth

Creating and preserving wealth across multiple generations pose substantial hurdles. However, employing a family office platform can yield considerable advantages by streamlining, consolidating, and enhancing the financial landscape for both present and future generations.

UHNW Families

The realm of investments and personal finance is in a perpetual state of flux. A team of trusted fiduciaries, comprising bankers, investment advisors, attorneys, and tax experts, can enhance your financial outlook. This dedicated team not only offers impeccable service but also presents a globally sourced, diverse range of opportunities.

Emerging Wealth

Our private wealth advisors support emerging wealth clients to understand their financial goals and aspirations. They build strategies that evolve alongside individuals on the cusp of substantial financial growth. Through ongoing communication and proactive adjustments, the advisor guides them towards sustainable success and long-term financial confidence.

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